Around this same time last year the famous rapper and designer Kanye West’s 2nd edition to his Yeezy Nike collection had been released. The Yeezy “Red Octobers” dropped without warning and astonished everyone. Last week Mr. West let his barber, Ibn Jasper debuted his anticipated and long waited collaboration with Adidas. These new Yeezys are reminiscent of all the other Yeezys but look quite different though still sporting the usual mid-foot strap. Since the Yeezy750s are taking on a new look and a new brand, the BIG question is how will they fare on the market. Last year the “Red Octobers” fared 1.4 million dollars in the first week of sales without any prior promotion. Most would chalk up the success of the Red Octobers heavily to it being link to one the most famous athletic shoe manufacturers in the world. Over the past year and a half Kanye has made it very clear that he is unhappy with the way that that Nike has been treating and controlling his “creations”. And we all soon knew how irritated he was with his whole situation with Nike after watching the infamous “Sway in The Morning” interview video. Now that Kanye has moved on to a different company, Adidas. There is a big question. Will these Yeezy750 Boost be as successful as his previous creations while with a different company? Though Adidas is also a largely successful brand, how does it measure up to Nike? According to in 2014 Adidas had 19.24 billion dollars in sales while Nike on the other hand 27.04 billion in sales. Majority of the time shoe sales are contingent on four things; the brand of shoe, the design of the shoe, the hype behind the shoe and last but not least the price of the shoe. So check this out, theses upcoming Yeezys are rumored to be priced at around 350 dollars. You might not think that to be expensive and not expensive at the same time due to the fact that the Red Octobers retailed at $245 from Nike but were also in very limited stock. So after all was sold out searchers and sneaker heads took to eBay where the price range norm was from about $2500 to 5,000. Information has been developed and a stock set to only 9000 pairs to be released on the 14th (Valentine’s Day). Right now on social media I’m seeing and hearing quite mixed reviews and opinions. My guess is that with the combination of the move to Adidas and the new look, these will not be as successful as previous pairs with Nike. But there is a lot of secret hype being built behind these 750 boost’s by the Jenner and Kardashian clans. I think after he does more work with Adidas the acclaim of the YEEZYS will be more than restored.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.


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